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7 REMINDERS that keep me on the path to peace and freedom


Try as we might to avoid them, some emotions continue to creep up on us and pay us an uninvited visit, fear, anger, jealousy, embarrassment, resentment, scarcity. They are all part of life… Continue reading

Money Modesty, unzip your lips and start talking


Not talking about money is so passé. Embrace the power of community and conversation to help you reach your financial goals.

/BE/: More Maker, Less Taker


I have challenged myself, beginning with my closet…to be less taker and more maker. It’s not just about wanting less, or even about needing less, though both are valid. I truly want to be more creator and less consumer…I want to do it, because it’s the next step in making my life simpler, easier, less hurried and stressful. It feels good to have less – less to clean, organize, take care of, find space for. It gives me more time and space for the things that really matter.

I wonder. My mind wanders…


During shavasana this morning, my mind wandered. Yes, the place where I’m supposed to stay focused on breath; my mind wandered, and I had a glimpse of mental clarity. Minds are tricky. Actually,… Continue reading

/Resilience/: Overcoming Chronic Illness


It came to me in whispers…When you ignore the whispers, they grow and build strength, getting louder and louder. Eventually they scream at you. Like a hot kettle or boiling pot, they won’t be ignored forever. They want to be heard. The obligations of a polite, “Excuse me?” will turn into a, “Listen up!” when you don’t pay them the same courtesy.

Limiting Beliefs and Fear: /Overcoming/


…Those conversations and google searches added to my limited beliefs. I could have used them as an excuse to “wrap my fear around me like a blanket”, and there were days that I did.

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