/Parenting/: Re-do


I have had too many mornings when I really wanted a re-do. I woke up grumpy and put that mood into my actions. Next thing I know my kids are being grumpy back. My voice isn’t kind; their voices are not kind. I sigh dramatically; they sigh. I am inpatient with their slow energy; my daughter snaps “hurry” to her brother. Weird. I want and need a reset button to start the day over with a better perspective, but since that is not possible, I can start by resetting my own mood.

I came across a blog post: Why am I an angry mom? the other day about not wanting to be a “mean” mom. It struck a nerve…again. In fact, I have read this article before and will likely want to reference it again. This author does a good job of providing the concepts of why you/she does not want to be the mean mom and how to analyze your actions, considering your past and expectations. But, sometimes a bit too often, I just want some practical tips as a take-away action, so I started and list and wanted to share it with you. By the way, I would love to hear your practical tips too!

  1. Wipe the frown off your face. Physically, push the frown lines away. Better yet, first spray an Aromatherapy Mist into the palm of your hands, and inhale deeply as you wipe the frown away. Lavender is the “relaxing” essential oil. Side note: isn’t Mother Nature tricky to turn your frown lines into wrinkles? Nothing like being busted.
  2. Retreat to the bathroom, lock the door, and practice your yoga breathing…eyes closed, breathe in and out.
  3. Text your always-understanding friend.
  4. Put on your family’s favorite song and dance recklessly. This will surely reset your kiddos’ moods as well. We prefer Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton in this household.
  5. Get dressed. Put on the jeans that make you feel alive. Add a touch of your favorite lip gloss while you are at it.
  6. Eat something. This one gets me every time…it is 10am, and I haven’t had breakfast; no wonder why I am moody. You need fuel.
  7. Thirsty? Oh, yes, I should drink water today too.
  8. Give yourself a break. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. We can always do better, and here is your opportunity. You can do this. You’ve got this.
  9. Recite you mantra. My co-blogger, Debbie, talked us through her affirmations.