Author: imperfectprogressme

It was the discovery of an autoimmune disease in 2011 that shoved me, however unwilling, onto this continuous path of imperfect progress. It is a sincere love for helping others and writing about the journey that has kept me here. This path to improved health has led to changes in career, nutrition, mindset, finances, and lifestyle choices for not just me but my little family too. I share it all here, in answer to the steady stream of questions and stories from the many people I meet that are all too familiar. We don't need a diagnosis or a test to tell us that we're tired, sick, in pain, or just not living the fulfilling life we know we can. It's my greatest hope that this can be a place where we come together as a community that helps each other in our progress, imperfect as it may be. AND Just as it should be. That's the only way to get there, imperfectly. Much Love! - Debbie