/Recipe:/ Jalapeno Margarita

Now that school is back in session and the summer is almost over, it is fitting that I write about jalapeño margaritas. Well, maybe not the most socially and visibly fitting time, nonetheless, these are downright awesome anytime of the year.

Thanks to our Nashville travel about a year ago and a trip to Bakersfield Tacos in Nashville, Tennessee, the jalapeño margarita has become a signature drink at our household.

Truth be told, my husband is the master of this recipe. The fresh limes and, obviously, fresh jalapeños are a must; and I am partial to whatever clear tequila Costco is marketing. As for the margarita mix, we decrease the recommended amount of mix (and offset with recommended tequila amount) to cut back on the sweetness of the drink and let the jalapeños fly high. The ingredients for most margarita mixes are a little alarming, so I’m ready to master a “Naked” or “Skinny” margarita using agave in the near future.


The recipe we use is loose and varies depending on desire for alcohol content and heat from the jalapeños, but here is a rough go:

  1. Chill your margarita glass by filling it with ice and water. Let it sit while you prepare the margarita.
  2. In your shaker, fill with ice cubes and add all ingredients:
    • half of a freshly squeezed lime. I never knew the amount of juice you could get from a lime or lemon until purchasing this Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer.
    • 5-7 slivers of a jalapeño, red and/or green. Side note: never rub your eye after handling a jalapeño. But if you do, don’t be afraid to jump into the shower fully clothed yelling at your significant other to bring you a gallon of milk and a shot glass. Pour milk liberally into your burning eyeball. And then vow to wear gloves next time or at least handle the scathing creature with a fork and knife.
    • 2 ounces tequila
    • 4 ounces margarita mix
  3. Shake the shaker long enough for your hand to be ice cold, then pour your creation into your empty and cold margarita glass. I do not pour through the strainer because I like to have the ice cubes and jalapeño slices in my drink. If you prefer to strain, you could add the jalapeño slices to your drink as the final step.

Serve these with your Sunday Taco dinner or for a crowd-pleasing football gathering! or put everything in a mason jar and take along for a picnic or hike or golf outing (is that legal?). The mason jar with the lid makes for a portable shaker.