I wonder. My mind wanders…


During shavasana this morning, my mind wandered. Yes, the place where I’m supposed to stay focused on breath; my mind wandered, and I had a glimpse of mental clarity. Minds are tricky. Actually,… Continue reading

/Resilience/: Overcoming Chronic Illness


It came to me in whispers…When you ignore the whispers, they grow and build strength, getting louder and louder. Eventually they scream at you. Like a hot kettle or boiling pot, they won’t be ignored forever. They want to be heard. The obligations of a polite, “Excuse me?” will turn into a, “Listen up!” when you don’t pay them the same courtesy.

The Road Less Traveled


water gently rolling over giant slabs of smooth granite…rock hopping stream crossings…moss covered anything…giant boulders perfect for reading giant novels…content children, creating entire new worlds without any store bought toys…

/Recipe:/ Jalapeno Margarita


Now that school is back in session and the summer is almost over, it is fitting that I write about jalapeño margaritas. Well, maybe not the most socially and visibly fitting time, nonetheless,… Continue reading

Limiting Beliefs and Fear: /Overcoming/


…Those conversations and google searches added to my limited beliefs. I could have used them as an excuse to “wrap my fear around me like a blanket”, and there were days that I did.

French Eggs: /Quick, Easy Breakfast/


As promised, another take on the morning egg. It’s ease and speed make it one of my favorites. I can start it after my husband gets in the shower, and it’s done by the time he’s out. It adds a little decadence and variety to the the typical, bland egg-for-breakfast routine. Even better, it takes few, simple ingredients that I always have on hand.

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