Don’t Fight the Good Fat


We’ve been sold an idea in the United States that’s proven to be very detrimental to our health – this idea that eating “low fat” will actually make you store less fat on your body and make you healthier.

{New Year Breakfast}~Avocado Egg Bowl


  The new year left us looking for something full of healthy fats and plenty of protein, after over indulging on all the goodies full of grains and sugars over the holidays. We… Continue reading

Technology and a Better You


Thankfully, I married a husband whom routinely reflects on improving and bettering himself as a husband, as a father, as a businessman, as a human being. With the fresh beginnings a New Year… Continue reading

{Food Find}: Alpendough


I recently made an unspeakable mistake, grocery shopping when I was hungry, really hungry. Gasp! I know you’re thinking, “Rookie”, with a little sneery-face right? This was not good for my budget, and… Continue reading

Displaying Christmas and Holiday Cards


Do you prefer to hang, tuck away in a basket, stack on the countertop, mount, or hide your Christmas and Holiday cards? With my infatuation with saving every letter and card (see this… Continue reading

{New Year’s Resolutions}~Why Wait?


I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person.  My husband found this appalling last January when he sat down to write his out.  He encouraged our ten year old daughter to sit… Continue reading

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