An end table makeover with an added bonus


I love painting furniture with chalk paint. ¬†And I love having this hobby as a creative outlet outside of motherhood. When I was pregnant with my fourth child, I did not like exposing… Continue reading

Everything’s prettier on a cake stand


I believe it, and you should to. We all have clutter and stuff…stuff that we use on an ongoing basis, and if you are like me, there are some items that belong on… Continue reading

Food Swap: Peanut Butter


To find the right peanut butter, you have to turn the jar over and READ THE INGREDIENTS…it [should] have only (I mean this literally) one or two ingredients: peanuts and sometimes salt

Harvesting Abundance


Each summer that comes to a close, every pair of pants my daughters outgrow, or milestone they pass, with every one, I feel time quickening as it slips right through my fingers.

Fall decorating


I do love decorating. And shopping. And Americanos. And ice cream. And chocolate. And plaid. And flannel. And wine. And drinking wine while eating chocolate ice-cream in my plaid, flannel shirt after a… Continue reading

Mismatched Socks


Organized. Timely. Type A. Follows through. These are traits of mine that I have always considered positive. I can take a cluttered drawer and sort it by color, shape, size and use. Give… Continue reading

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