/Valentine’s Day/: a Gift Guide


Are you searching for a Valentine’s Gift for your significant other? Have you seen the wonderfully thoughtful Twelve Pre-Planned Date Cards for Every Month of the Year on Pinterest? {Shannon Brown: Find Joy in the Journey has thorough tips.} I decided to put this idea into action Christmas 2014, and oh, wow, was I positive that this was the best.gift.ever. And it was a practical gift that would keep giving all year long. Not to mention, it was adorable in all its organized glory with touches of hearts and love throughout. It was good. Really good. And I failed at the delivery. Yes, failed. Maybe 25% of the dates were completed. My take-away tips so that you can carry out this gift successfully:

  • Instead of having twelve dates–one dedicated for each month, have twelve dates written out. Display them by your family planning calendar. And at the beginning of each month, choose a “doable” date as a couple to do that month. For example as to why my May date failed: “Let’s find a sitter for a morning and go to breakfast together followed by a casual walk around town.” Well, that month it snowed…all month long; not a fun month for a walk.
  • If you choose to open a date card at the beginning of each month, then you as the organizer of dates, initiate the card opening…make it a First-Sunday-of-the-month-at-8pm ritual.
  • You, as the organizer, find the sitter for the kids. Own the entire process.

Okay, so aside from my Pinterest fail, I am committed to getting “it” right. And this year I have a plan! My husband and I have decided to treat Valentine’s Day like we do our Anniversary as far as gift-giving goes: We choose a couple’s gift together. This could be:

  • matching bedside lamps
  • cotton sheets
  • framing your wedding vows for your bedroom
  • bath towels
  • to learn a new skill together or take a class together: a rock climbing wall, cooking, yoga, cross fit, swing dance
  • Chocolove and five straight nights of media-free time together
  • Mr. and Mrs. mugs

We would love to hear about your success (or fail) for Valentine’s Day gift giving!