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Projects and decorating keep me sane are a much-needed outlet of mine, a fulfilling hobby. And when I can do these projects in the throws of active motherhood, all the better. See this post: An end table makeover with an added bonus. I have been on a mission over the last two years to convert an empty and unwelcoming basement into an inviting play space for my children and our family as a whole.

This alphabet wall was a treat to envision, a fulfilling experience to create and a breeze to install! Here are my oh, so basic steps:

Step 1: I found the size of letters I wanted from Hobby Lobby. The bonus is that they are thin and light-weight which was a benefit with the installation/hanging.

Step 2: This past summer during two weekend camping trips, we took this project with us. During the afternoons, this was a good diversion to paint away and let some creativity ride. Each of my four kids were given a letter, two or three paint colors (each color had a different paint brush) on a disposable paper plate, and the table was lined with newspaper. I did color coordinate the paint colors with my ideal image of the basement’s end result.

Step 3: When all of the letters were finished, the hanging process began. I had absolutely no idea how strong this Scotch Permanent (am just reading that word for the first time. oops!) Mounting Squares would be, so each letter got 2-4 or 5.


Step 4: I then laid out the pattern and general spacing of the letters. This was not precise, and I was much too excited to think about a ruler or any mathematical brain work.


Step 5: Start hanging. I did use and would recommend using a level under your letters.

blog_basement_alphabet placement

Step 6: Admire and enjoy.