Inspiration everywhere

adore the latest trend of wearing, drinking out of, journaling from, hanging on the wall, hiding behind closet doors, displayed as wall decor…inspirational messages! For all of us visual individuals, are you constantly seeking out these reminders of positive moods and choices? I am. And I need the help, the inspiration, the reminders of what I too easily forget.

My office space is dedicated to filling the walls with inspirational quotes. They are pinned to a bulletin board, printed out on white card stock and held up with cute washi tape, displayed and hung to be interchangeable with clothespins on a thick piece of burlap string.


You will find these cues and permission for forgiveness taped inside the kitchen cupboards. They tell me that even though I raised my voice one too many times today, that I failed to give my full attention to my eager child, that I made the wrong choice to let grumpiness engulf my mood, that it is indeed okay because tomorrow is a new day.

Secret messages. Sometimes you want that gentle reminder without sharing it with the world. I admire this Secret Message Cuff Bracelet from timelessmaiden on Etsy. She Believed She Could, So She Did: Isn’t that the truth?!


Messages on t-shirts. Love. Three Bird Nest now has a website dedicated to their products. Check out this Be Strong Black Hoodie.


Kindness Matters. This has to be the most simple, clean and worthy message out there. I will have this shirt in my closet soon from Society 6.


ChalkFullofLove on Etsy has upbeat messages on mugs like “Girl you are a Boss”. I could have used that reminder yesterday!


Sometimes you and I will find these visual quotes from social media sources like Instagram. I cannot get this quote out of my head. It makes me laugh out loud. It makes me franticly recount the past week of interactions. Am I guilty? And it just makes me proud to be female. @hannaheden_fitness says, “Shout out to all the females that compliment each other. That jealousy shit is dead.”


 So, in awe of @hannaheden_fitness, I give a shout out to a few females in my life:

To the mom taking a kite on a road trip to keep her children entertained, wow! You have got this piece of motherhood, using creativity and fun, nailed.

To the mom teaching her children to grow, raise and know the food they eat, fantastic! I adore you, and your dedication to good health is a gift for your children. Irreplaceable.

To the mom running miles pushing a stroller of not one but two toddlers, you go! I love that you have incorporated fitness into motherhood.

To the mom balancing motherhood and wifehood with her career, you have got this! You have very lucky children, a husband and more children at school.

To the mom with a smile on her face every. single. time. that I see you, yes! Your positive energy is contagious, and tomorrow I am going to try harder.

To the mom who showered, put on an outfit and makeup, all before you picked up your child from preschool, you look gorgeous!

To the mom taking her sons golfing to stay busy and to reduce sibling arguments, what an approach! I will remember this advice.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.”

― Dalai Lama XIV