Technology and a Better You

Thankfully, I married a husband whom routinely reflects on improving and bettering himself as a husband, as a father, as a businessman, as a human being. With the fresh beginnings a New Year can bring, the number of ways to be a better me are flooding in…or some are a rushed, passing thought that I did not know how to put it into a tangible action. It is a good thing to have the desire and mindset to be often aware of your shortcomings, your mistakes, your opportunities to improve; it is escalated to an entire new level when you get to put these thoughts into action.

That is where the end of the year left me: positively aware and with ideas but without a real plan. My husband found a pertinent app—a physical way to capture intentions and put them into action— that I am excited about and want to share it with you: Lean PD. The iTunes description:

“Lean PD is the most effective way to develop yourself! Lean=efficient or elimination of waste. PD=personal development. So, Lean PD is the efficient way to personally develop yourself to reach your maximum potential. The whole concept is based on the idea of developing daily habits that support your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). This app comes populated with examples of habits the developer has used to improve the quality of his life…”

The Samsung app is free but has more limitations in personalizing. However, the Apple app is $.99 yet allows for just the right amount of flexibility to change headings and prioritize. I have the these categories/headings entered so far:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Family
  • Home
  • Intellectual
  • Creativity

For now, in this new beginning, this is a good place to start so that I do not feel overwhelmed or self-pressured to have it all together as of January 1. Within these categories/headings, I have entered 3-5 of my top priorities such as “Focus on fruits and vegetables”, “2 minute plank”, “Do not carry phone around at home”, “Make bed”, “Read for 15 minutes”. And the best part, for all of you list makers out there, is that you get to check each item complete as you accomplish your goals/habits of the day. This is enough for me, but the app does go on to give you percentage complete (or stars to complete).