Displaying Christmas and Holiday Cards


Do you prefer to hang, tuck away in a basket, stack on the countertop, mount, or hide your Christmas and Holiday cards? With my infatuation with saving every letter and card (see this post), I do like to display all of our received cards. And after several attempts and clear misses, I have found a simple and attractive solution.


Two items needed:

  • Ribbon or string. I prefer a wide ribbon because it enables me to secure cards on either side of the ribbon. I also like the look of a simple burlap string. If you’re late to the game, use whatever ribbon you have on hand.
  • Clothes Pins.

I take a long piece of ribbon—this year I chose an extra-wide, ivory—and wrap it around my kitchen cabinets. I make the ribbon long enough to knot it inside the cabinet, securing it. That way I am not using tape that will either  a) not secure the ribbon, and all of the cards and ribbon will fall to the ground (last year’s lesson) or b) the tape will pull off your precious paint job. The only other items you will need for this project are basic clothes pins.

I choose to utilize the kitchen cabinets for this, however, you could also run your ribbon and string:





There you have it: a simple and attractive way to display your Christmas and Holiday cards.