Initiate Pay it Forward

cropped-img_01292.jpgI’m up for a challenge and an incentive to keep the season of giving alive. Over the last two years, I have switched up our This Jar of Questions to be the Mason Jar of Giving for the month of December, targeting the season of giving with my children. The print outs were similar to the ones found here at 100 Days of Real Food but revised to be meaningful to my young children. My favorites were to “sit by someone new at snack or lunch time” or “give a compliment to the person sitting to your left at dinner tonight.”  This year December has gotten away from me, so I am going to put the Season of Giving on myself.

Starting today, I challenge myself to initiate the Pay it Forward concept AKA Acts of Kindness for ten days straight. Here are my ideas:

  • Buy coffee for the car behind me in the drive-thru lane
  • Take the first steps towards routinely donating blood, specifically figuring out where this happens and is there a specific day of the month, etc
  • Leave a Christmas gift for our mail carrier with a handwritten note of appreciation
  • Smile and genuinely say “hello” to everyone I encounter for a full day with eye contact
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash along the way
  • Leave a generous tip for wait staff or pizza deliverer
  • Call my Aunt
  • Encourage the person behind me at the grocery store to check out before me
  • Carry a Blessing Bag for the Homeless in my car to be prepared to hand out with a smile at any given opportunity
  • Take time to put away the stray grocery carts
  • Initiate small talk with an individual standing alone at school pick up
  • Be thoughtful and generous with compliments
  • Focus on uninterrupted and undistracted conversation (as much as possible)
  • Be positive. Each time I feel myself getting irritated, I will take a deep, cleansing breath and close my eyes, then instead of letting irritation take me over, I will say something positive out loud about the circumstance.
  • Take coffee and fresh fruit to my husband’s co-worker

Will you take the challenge with me? and what are some of your ideas?