/Healing Winter Hands Series/: Step 1~It’s All in the Wash






About this time a year ago, my hands were so dry, irritated, and cracked that they were bleeding. ¬†Like all of the best solutions, mine was born out of necessity. ¬†After I solved my problem, I noticed I wasn’t in the minority. ¬†Friends and family who came to stay, were often plagued with the same problem. ¬†It’s time to say goodbye to dry, cracked, sore winter hands for good. ¬†Let’s get rid of the old “antibacterial” methods stripping our skin of everything, good and bad. ¬†Chalk them up to¬†a mistake of the past. ¬†It is possible to cleanse and moisturize while allowing our skin to build it’s natural balance of bacteria that renews it and keeps it young. ¬†Afterall, are we really protecting ourselves from germs and viruses if we’re causing our skin to crack, allowing in more germs and viruses?

We¬†begin here, step 1 of 3, with this liquid, foaming soap that’s both¬†gentle and moisturizing.¬† It cleanses with a castile soap base, while¬†the essential oils add natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, that won’t leave your hands feeling dry and irritated.¬†¬† In fact, this wash is just as great for your whole body, by simply adjusting the essential oils you use. ¬†To really solve the winter hands problem, you can’t start by adding a balm or lotion after the fact, the answer is all in the wash.

 Foaming Hand and Body Wash

  • foaming pump¬†– You need a foaming pump, because this soap is free of all the nasty chemicals that make others so sudsy. ¬†You can get full-sized and travel-sized¬†(Yes, I travel with soap. That’s when my hands take the hardest hit.) bottles at a great price at aromatools.com, but you will pay more for¬†shipping. ¬†They do cost more on Amazon, but you could save on shipping. ¬†Better yet! ¬†Re-use a foaming pump you already have on hand.
  • 1/3 C liquid castile soap – I really like Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild. It seems a little expensive, but who would have thought I could have gotten a year out of just one bottle?¬† I refilled three pumps in our home regularly and made many for friends and family.
  • 3-6 teaspoons oil (depending on how moisturizing you want it to be) – I like to use one of these organic, carrier/massage oils, but you could buy liquid coconut, almond, or olive oil from your regular grocery store too. ¬†Some oils will be heavier and leave your skin a little oilier, like almond or olive. ¬†Others will leave a lighter, less greasy feel like coconut or grape seed oil.
  • 22-25 drops essential oils – here are some of my favorites:
    • lemon ~ in the kitchen
    • “lavender mint” ~ for the bathroom sink (12 drops each lavender and peppermint), or as a body wash. ¬†A good peppermint essential oil will have a cooling effect on your skin, so you may want to omit it in a body wash for the winter months.
    • ¬†“orange spice” ~ I use the immunity blend from this company,¬†that is a mix of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and eucalyptus, in another bathroom. ¬†Independent clinical studies have shown it to kill MRSA.
  • distilled water
  1. Add 1/3 Cup of liquid castile soap base to the foaming pump reservoir.
  2. Add up to 6 teaspoons of a carrier/massage oil, according to your preference for moisture level.  A food grade liquid oil is ok too, like sweet almond or grape seed oils.
  3. Drop desired essential oils into soap/oil base.  I like to use between 22-25 drops.
  4. Fill the remainder of reservoir with distilled water. ¬†Using distilled water will ensure minerals don’t build up in/around your foaming pump.
  5. Turn the pump over a few times to mix.  You may need to turn it over occasionally as you use it, if ingredients separate.